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about us

Sometimes life takes a turn, and choices need to be made in order to continue to live where you are most comfortable.  In this case, all it took was a very easy addition to a garage in Delta BC to allow safe access to and from the home.  Roberts Elevators & Lifts was chosen to install a small tower Trus<T>Lift, manufactured by RAM Manufacturing.  The end result was simple, but the affect on everyday life was dramatic.

Walton before  Walton after


We were referred to a family in the lower mainland by their Occupational Physical Therapist in Vancouver, with the hopes that we could come up with a solution for home accessibility for both a Mom and her Daughter.  Both of these lovely ladies needed a safe access point to and from their home, and naturally, we were pleased to help.

After several discussions with the care givers, extended family members, and of course the users themselves, we decided that a Trus<T>Lift wheelchair lift with a straight through entry/exit design should be placed off the rear deck of the house.  A plan was created, and a subcontractor was quickly called in to pour some supplementary concrete in order to create a stable surface for the lift, as well as a smooth access sidewalk approach.  

After a few short days days in the heat of July, the job was completed, and frequent Mom and Daughter visits could once again resume.  

For more information on Wheelchair Lifts for home or Business, please contact Bobbi.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rukavina before



Part of what makes Roberts Elevators & Lifts the perfect choice for your home elevator or wheelchair lift, is the fact that we liaise with the trades throughout each project to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible for our lift installations.  Bumps in the road often come up, and we are here to navigate and assist wherever we can, to get the job done.

A fine example of our exceptional customer service can be found in a 10 foot wheelchair/porch lift project that was completed this Spring in New Westminster, BC.  We were initially contacted by the contractor who was tasked with the home renovation, and he had some great ideas for the wheelchair lift location.  In this case, we were asked to install a Trus<T>Lift wheelchair lift through the floor of an upper deck to keep our customer sheltered from the weather.  Putting the lift through a floor requires a more complicated design and installation, but it can be done, especially when the changes make the lift function ideal for the homeowner.  

Based on our feedback, the contractor was able to open up the deck space to allow for the lift to pass through and he also enclosed the lower level below the deck into a shaftway, for both the safety and security of his client.  To ensure that our safety and space requirements could be met, we provided shop drawings for the job and liaised with the contractor during the construction progress, to confirm that everything was done correctly.  He took the job to the next level by finishing the interior of the shaftway, making it waterproof, while finishing the exterior to make it a seamless and attractive addition to the home.

While the home modifications were underway, an order was created for the custom designed wheelchair lift, along with a flush fit lower full height door to finish the shaftway.  The flush fit door is essential for the safety of the rider while on the carriage to avoid shear points while riding the lift.

It is always a challenge to get a very heavy, one piece structure into a confined space.  Fortunately for us, the weather cooperated and using many hands, a little creativity, and loads of patience, the unit was placed appropriately.  Our skilled technicians then moved on to assemble the remaining components of the lift while in place, thereby allowing the contractor to finish the final wall to accommodate the flush mount door.  The result is a unique, enclosed, through floor, outdoor accessibility “elevator” that will help a very happy customer remain in her home.  

For more information on wheelchair lifts, porch lifts or elevators, please call Bobbi @ (604) 812-2292.


A look to the upper floor from the lift platform

Lunniss 2

A clean, finished lift hoistway

Lunniss 3

A water-tight interior to be proud of