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We recently completed a new residential Trus<T>Lift Wheelchair Lift installation deep in the Fraser Valley in a small comminuty called Aggasiz.  Once again this was a new unit, specifically designed for the space on hand, and what makes this project unique is the fact that we had several different installation locations to work with.  The other distinctive part of this job was that the purchase of this home was subject to the lift working with the available space to facilitate accessibility to the top floor by extended family members that would be living downstairs.  We had our job cut out for us!  

After loads of measuring, viewing many photo angles, a site visit, and more measuring, we were able to designate the best location for the wheelchair lift and as a result, the sale of the home was completed.  Installation took two full days in the freezing cold weather we have had here this winter, and now the unit is up an fully functioning.  Mobility acheived!

For more information on scheduling a consultation for a wheelchair lift or home elevator, please contact Bobbi at (604) 812-2292 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


res lift


We have been approached by two clients in Vancouver, BC lately who asked us to look at their homes to help them decide how to incorporate a vertical platform wheelchair lift.  In both cases, these homeowners had competitive companies come by to have a look around and provide quotations (which is always an excellent idea, in our opinion).  Our competition had issued quotations however some days later, called to say that they felt the jobs weren’t possible and that they were now unwilling to take them on.  Roberts Elevators & Lifts was called following these competitive visits and calls.


We too made site visits and while the projects initially looked simple, we found upon further examination that the projects did indeed turn out to be more difficult when it came down to the finite measurements and ideal placements.  These jobs required extra time.  Time to take extra measurements.  Time to work out secondary project designs.  Time to listen to our customers’ wants, needs and hopes for mobility.  They required extra effort. 

The following story is just one example of how the team at Roberts Elevators & Lifts stepped up to do the right thing for a customer, making home mobility possible.  



This site visit took us to a single-family home where our clients daughter suffered from arthritis that limited her ability to use stairs.  After looking at the suggested space for the wheelchair lift and taking some measurements, Roberts Elevators & Lifts personnel suggested some adjustments to the project plan.   By moving the lift from the clients initial preferred location to a new one, we were not only able to lower the overall construction costs (via concrete pouring and deck modifications) but also made access to the lift itself much more straightforward to the end user.  We retained the ability for three levels to be accessed by the wheelchair lift, all while keeping the design aesthetically pleasing.  These modifications also allowed us to design a simpler vertical platform lift, which in turn brought the unit price down.  A huge win for the customer!   

We placed the order right away, and we managed to install the wheelchair lift before the rainy season got fully underway.  The user was very pleased to have relief from her daily struggle with the stairs in her home since her arthritis was now posing a safety issue, never mind the physical discomfort.  This was a tremendous outcome for a project that was originally deemed undesirable or impossible by our competition. 

For information about home wheelchair lifts or to schedule a site visit, please call Bobbi @ (604) 812-2292.

Roberts Elevators & Lifts has recently formed a profile on HOUZZ.com, a design and renovation website that connects potential customers with a variety of contractors in their area via their own company profile pages.  I think of it kind of like Facebook, but with contractors.  If you need a job done, and are looking for contractors to carry out the job – Houzz is a great place to start!

Check out Roberts Elevators & Lifts on Houzz today, and follow us for updates on our latest projects and our preferred partners in construction!