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While commonly installed in private residences, the RAM Trus<T>Lift (also known as wheelchair lift, vertical platform lift or VLP), also offers a commercial accessibility option to be used in public places that require admission to an area that would not otherwise be accessible to someone who uses a walker, wheelchair or scooter as a mobility assistance device.  According to new regulations in most jurisdictions, anyone with limited mobility should have safe access to public spaces, which is why these devices exist.  

In B.C., the code dictates that a wheelchair lift installed in a public location be permitted and installed based on CSA Code B355.  In laymans terms, this means that the lift must be enclosed within a hoist way with a full height door on the lower level, and a gate or a door at the upper landing, with both entry points affixed with specialized locks that “talk” to the lift, keeping the doors locked until the lift reaches the station.  Emergency alarms and lights are required, as are specific clearances surrounding the lift within the shaft.

Regardless of whether your project is of new construction or a building retrofit, a wheelchair lift can be easily incorporated into your barrier-free design with the help of custom engineered drawings from RAM Manufacturing. By installing a RAM Trust<T>Lift, you will eradicate the requirement for a long ramp that will use valued space in the surrounding travel paths.  The hoist-way should always be constructed using site-specific drawings which will fully detail blocking locations for the tower support, rough openings for doors, and the structural requirements for your commercial lift.  Commercial VPLs can be added into existing buildings, providing that space allows for the addition of the required shaft way and safety components.  The licensed contractors at Roberts Elevators & Lifts have many years’ experience in the design and install process and are here to help with the progress along the way.  

For information on the design requirements for a Commercial Trus<T>Lift, please contact us today.

RAM Manufacturing (aka RAM Elevators and Lifts), suppliers to Roberts Elevators & Lifts, was recently featured in an article found in "Modern Home Builder" magazine. 

Richard Muenier, founder of RAM Manufacturing, offers a candid chat with the magazine regarding the evolution of his elevator and wheelchair lift business from starting out in the 90's to the current market trends.

The "machine room-less" traction drive elevator is discussed (aka The Crystal), as well as the evolution of what is now known as the Stratus elevator.  Points about being an energy efficient systems are made, as is the ability to custom design to suit the home.  We are proud of our manufacturing partner, and look forward to being part of the new advances they make within the elevator and lift industry.

The article can be found by following this link, clicking "Check out our latest edition!" on the top right, and flipping to page 48.  It is well worth the read!


We did it!  We are now proud new members of the GVHBA - Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association.  This was a decision that we did not take lightly, as it is a committment to our business growth and to our community, but the time is now to step up to the challenge.  Look for more details and updates to come!

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